Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh yeah, oh yeah

It's Friday night and i'm at the nanny fams. Awesome. Ok, maybe not so awesome. But one good thing about tonight is that instead of doing homework, I may have found the coolest blog ever. Eeeever. This is it. If you get a chance, hop on over to her street art page followed by the about me page. Make sure to watch the movie about her at the bottom of the about me page (and here are some more abouts for your enjoyment in case you didn't get enough. aBoUt. AbOuT. aBOUt). Now if you don't feel as inspired as I do from this chick, then well maybe you're just not cool. maybe. Ok fine, you are still cool if you don't like her. I guess.

Next piece of information. Last week my nanny family said to me "Jaimie, instead of going to California this year, we might take a boat trip to The Bahamas." Well this was ok for me, I went to The Bahamas last year and loved it. Remember?
(The boat. Aka, yacht)
Or how about when I did this in The Bahamas
Ok so then this week the nanny fam says, "You know, instead of The Bahamas, we might go to Hawaii." Me, in Hawaii??? Yes please! I've never been to Hawaii before. I pictured that it would be something like this -
(Macs are cool little toys, yeah?)

But alas, I got word yesterday that the final destination really is just California. Now usually California would be pretty cool, but when you compare it to The Bahamas or Hawaii, its a little bit of a let down. I guess beggars can't really be choosers though. I will enjoy seeing chief Julie down in La Jolla and hopefully snapping some pictures of the beautiful masterpieces of food that she makes.

So bloggie buddies, who do you read that I should know about? Any favs that you have?



Rachael said...

I read about 8000 blogs, so what kinds of things do you want? Since you're going to be teaching English, I read a pile of YA literature blogs that might be good. I've got a pile of design and craft blogs, a bunch of fashion blogs, a few miscellanious (I never know how to spell that word!) this-is-cool kind of things, etc.

Also, depending on when you're in SoCal, I might have to come see you. I am needing some beach time, and La Jolla isn't too much farther from my home than the beaches I usually go to.

jaimie said...

Rachael, that's a lot of blogs! ha ha :) How about your top 5 favorites and a YA lit blog for starters. I love it!