Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tired Burrito

I'm tired. But I ate a burrito today. Awesome.
You know you gotta question the nutritional value of something when it's bigger than your arm.
In other news, I watched kids and did homework all day. And I sat behind Mitt Romney at church. I believe in America. And The Weepies. They are a cool band. The end.



Erin Shaw said...

Dear Tired Burrito Girl:
That pretty look PHAT!!! Wish I could get one of those here without going on a treasure hunt...ha ha!

I think a burrito of that magnitude would be the exact nutritional value of your arm. (gross huh?) Sorry if that comment makes you want to throw up something. :P

Jaimie, I love how often you post...:D

jaimie said...

Ha ha, that is gross Erin! But gross in a cool way gross. Nutritious! :) Yeah, I post a lot because I have no life. One day I will do something cool like go to Taiwan again. I really am an egg. White on the outside, yellow on the inside. Missing ya mucho!