Monday, March 28, 2011


I dyed my hair pink because I wanted it to match my new blog colors. Plus, I never went through a rebellious teenage stage and I just wanted to make up for it. I mean, who wouldn't want pink hair?!?

So, whatcha guys think? Hawt, right?!?

Ok so I'm sure by now all of you who know me are like, "What the flip Jaimie" because lets face it, I am just not hardcore enough to do something that extreme, cool, and punk rockish. What really happened is that this -

Turned into this

Yes, the Spanish Fork Festival of Colors turned my hair pink! After 9 hair washes, a lot of prayers, and a couple breakdowns about not wanting to go to church with pink hair, I still have pink hair. My best option? To embrace the look for the next couple of days and hope that it eventually washes out.

Now remember how I told y'all that I would post pictures about James Ray, the man with the shady name? Well I got one for ya.

So is he a keeper??? Unfortunately, regardless of if you think he is a hottie or not (I mean, from this photo who wouldn't be attracted to any last one of us here), I had to pull the reigns back on Mr. Ray. He was moving a little bit to fast for me and I am just not quite ready to jump into a relationship. Sad panda. But I must say that I was impressed by his skilz to pick me up and put me on his shoulders during all of the color throwing chaos. That was attractive.

Now my dear bloggie buddies, any suggestions as to what to do about my hair? I'm crossing my fingers that I don't have to seek out professional help on this one.

Peace and loves


Ashley Baugh said...

same thing happened to my friend. you're gonna have to color it to get the color to go away.

Stephanie Salmon said...

As soon as I saw your hair I knew exactly what it was from. Because your hair looks like my sister's hair. Although hers is brown so I couldn't even tell it was pink till she showed me. But, funny thing is, my other sister is a blonde and she was going to go with her and is so glad she didn't because her mission farewell talk was on Sunday and she would have had to speak (and possibly enter the MTC) with pink hair. I wonder if she'll see anyone at the MTC this week with pink hair. :) Good luck. I don't have any advice for getting it out.

Erin Shaw said...

I like it personally Jaimie! I think it really fits you! :D Just go with it! it is a nice pink color! :0 Anyway, it is really great to read your blog Ms. Jaimie!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

the colors look good on you. but i think it'd look really bad on me T_T

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

Hi Jamie,
I am so glad you commented on my post and now I can seee your blog :)

First of all, I used to be a hair stylist and I can TOTALLY get the pink out for you :) YA! You need to get a clarifying shampoo...most salons carry it...sally's may even have some. It will strip all the bad out of your hair {the pink, any toxins, hard water, etc} and then follow it with a deep conditioner!
It may take one or two shampoos to get the pink out...but it should work! Fingers crossed!

On another note, you actually pull the pink off quite well :) lol


Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

My husband pointed out a girl in church with pink hair and it took me about 10 minutes but then it dawned on me "I bet she went to the Festival of Colors". Too funny. I guess being blonde has a few disadvantages.

Hey it was GREAT getting to visit with you on Saturday!!

Karen T said...

My personal opinion is that you just embrace the fun color while it lasts. It could be worse - my little sister once had some hair dyed blue so she had a single blue braid in her blonde hair. When the color started to fade away, it turned green. Pink is much prettier! Glad you had fun at the festival.

jaimie said...

Ah guys, thanks for all of the loven! Once I realized that the pink was going to come out, I was sad to see it go. But yes it is coming out very nicely and now you have to look close to see the pink in my hair. Brittany, thank you thank you for advice. I did buy a better shampoo (apparently suave doesn't work to well) and it really did help :)

Autumn said...

At least the pink is a pretty color in your hair. Might be a little fun for a couple of days. My hair is so dark that nothing like that ever happens. However, my hair accidentally turned out blue-black once after a dye job, I let it stay and it went away. I even learned to like it.

Pete and Kimmy said...

oh no! you have pink hair!? has it washed out yet? i hope so! plus, i just spent the last half hour catching up on your blog; it is so fun to read! :)