Saturday, April 16, 2011

As I sit here and think

Clearly I am avoiding homework once again. Clearly. But it's days like today that cause a girl to stop and think about what's important in life. So let me explain to you my inner reflections by first laundry listing my day:

1. Watched kids that I love
2. Watched kids that I love on the trampoline
3. Watched kids that I love at the beach
4. Brought a kid home for a nap
5. Attempted to go surfing and was advised by my man Mitt Romney that the waves were breaking to close to the shore and to avoid surfing if I wanted to keep my back intact
6. Body surfed instead
7. Ate dinner at the burger lounge
8. Answered my nanny kids question that yes, I am indeed single because I have not decided if I want to marry a man with a mustache or not (he's into mustaches lately and trying to figure out if he should have one when he grows up. he just figured that I am probably having the same dilemma. Cute)
9. Read Splat the cat
10. Put kids to bed

Honestly, today was perfect. Absolutely perfect. And then I thought about what I am doing with my life. Why is it that I choose to be a teacher and give up this life of luxury? It is simply this, I want to do something more with my life than sit in a pretty house and have nice things. I want to be a contributor to society. I sort of weigh it like, I could help 1 or 2 kids grow up or I could help many kids grow up every single day. If I can be a positive influence for good in the life of that one student who needs a helping hand, I will be satisfied. I guess I just realize that I can do more good being a teacher than being a nanny. And that is why I chose to teach.


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scrambled brains said...

Dear Jaimie,
You are awesome and I love you!

Hi D