Friday, April 15, 2011

Meet Liv

Yep, I named my camera Liv. Not only do I admire Liv Tyler's modern elegance, but if I were to declare a global objective for this blog it would be to not be afraid and live. It just seemed fitting to name my adventure capturer accordingly. Now only if I knew enough about my new friend to actually do it some justice. *sigh*

Ok ok, enough with the muck already. Onto bigger and better things. I am currently at the nanny fams in sunny California listening to the breaking ocean waves mixed with some Regina Spector while bloggin. Awesome. So as you know I was a little bummed when I found out I had missed The Bahamas and Hawaii all in one day, but coming to California and finding out that I was being sent to my favorite beach home ever made up for the sorrow. Meet my casa :)
Pretty little house isn't it? I love it. I love the spanish tile, the white walls and furniture, the clean linens, the fluffy couches, the big yard. If I could imagine Heaven, it would be this house mixed with all of the people that I love and never ending Nelson's Frozen Custard. Now I told you a lot that I love about this house, but I haven't told you the best part. The most magical thing about this place are the two surfboards located upstairs and the beach that is right out my back door. What am I going to do every morning before I go nanny? You guessed it.

Well blog friends, I talk big but really my reality is that I have 100 homework assignments to do this week. I shouldn't be on here but I really wanted to post some pics up for my mama and share a few thoughts. But reality sets in and I gotta do 800 years of homework and hangout with the homework boyfriend that I have been trying so hard to neglect. You know, I talk about how this place would be Heaven under the right conditions but having to do homework and not being able to enjoy it fully is like, well you know.

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