Monday, July 26, 2010

Great Adventures

Once upon a time I lived in Taiwan. In Taiwan, I learned that for me the beauty of life is found when I am with those that I love and trust exploring new and exciting things. My best memories of that little island include things like climbing monkey mountain, scooter rides to church, jumping off of waterfalls, speaking awful chinese, being with my students, surfing, deep sea diving, and well basically the whole entire thing was one giant memory of sheer joy.

Now one would think that with all of the experiences that i have had in the past year that my life would be filled with these same types of memories, but it hasn't necessarily been so. I've come to realize that experiencing life with my friends is more meaningful to me then experiencing a big life. That is why my latest adventure down the beautiful desolation canyon has been one of my greatest. I loved having the chance to paddle the entire time down the river and attempt to keep up with the boys. I really appreciate and loved being around such a great group of people and feeling like myself once again for the first time in quite a long time. So if anybody from this trip happens to read this, thank you for everything. it was wonderful. I hope that this is the catalyst towards becoming my normal self again with a life full of wonderful memories