Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boys will be boys, even in Taiwan

Today at break time, my 13 year old boys decided to build a fort with their desks. Me being the cool teacher that I am, had no problem letting them do this. The result was this: Yes, this is a warlike barricade. I decided to go with the flow and continue class with them just sitting in their little "fort" when to my surprise as I'm writing sentences on the board, I see an array of glue sticks, pens, and ribbons being thrown in my direction. "Grenades!" they said much to my surprise. Needless to say, instead of doing our world activity today in class, we played an awesome game of war. Them against me. I lost. This is a picture of Rick - the instigatorThey used their chairs to represent some sort of bazooka like guns. It was really funny because they moved them all in synchronized motions.
I love these guys and realize now more the ever that no matter where you go, boys will be boys!


Tiffanie said...

That is a freaking awesome fort! Haha. I think I need to go build one now.

jaimie said...

I think you should go build one too! But you can throw baby supplies out of your fort instead of pens and glue sticks