Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Vacation of My Life

One could not ask for anything better then 4 days away from work along with the added benefit of 2 good friends, a beautiful island, snorkeling, coconut chicken curry, surfing, flying fish, etc.

However first thing first, the squatter - I told myself that the first time I would blog about the squatters here would be the first time I had to use one. Yes, the time has come that I have officially been introduced into the world of squatting. This lucky experience came to me when I was forced to ride on a train for 6 hours thus forcing me to make friends with this new friend, my little Silver Jon. Here it is:

You can only try to think about how successful my first time using a squatter was on a moving train... Green Island was very beautiful. As you can tell, the name is accurate to how it is - green! My favorite part about this island was the snorkeling. I quickly feel in LOVE with this new diving experience of looking at clear water and feeding tropical fish bread right out of your hand. I still feel excited when I think about feeding the fish.

Fry the cloves - it sounds friendly, but don't be deceived. We decided to go to a restaurant and Dane ordered shark, Arwyn ordered turtle, so I played it on the safe side and ordered cloves. Sounds like some sort of safe vegetable like thing right? WRONG!

Cloves apparently are lots of little tiny fried fish. I was forced into eating a bite and it came out as quickly as it went in. Thank goodness for Dane who saved me from this nasty meal. Here is a video of him eating fry the cloves:

Dane, if you happen to read this, I think you once again with all of my heart!

Ahh, pretty Taiwan:

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Stewart And Cynthia said...


Using a squatter and eating cloves = the vacation of your life

If so, then sign us up!

It really does look fun. Glad you had a good time!