Monday, May 4, 2009

Dead Camera

Sadly enough, my camera died. The poor little thing was sat upon my shelf in working condition the night before its death and then the next morning, I awoke to find that the lens was unable to focus correctly causing my camera to shut off as soon as I turn it on. This sudden death will probably cause a drastic decrease in my postings.

In other current news, I am still waiting to find out if I am going to extend to teach a little bit longer this summer. The benefits of extending would be that I would be able to afford to go to school for an entire semester without having to work, plus I would be able to pay off my car. If I don't extend, I might be forced to take out a small student loan (probably about $500 so not much really). I just have to hear back from the school to see what the need/want for summer. I don't think I want to stay, but it would probably be better for me if I did financially.

Oh yeah, and feliz Cinco De Mayo! We're having a fiesta tonight to celebrate this Mexican Holiday. Hurray for Mexican independence.

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Tiffanie said...

(Please pick a tune and sing along) Just-Jaimie. How I love you. And miss you. And want you to come back so I can see you again. HHAppY BIIRThhdAy!