Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weekend Adventures

Last weekend, I saw some wild monkeys at Monkey Mountain, then leaving immediately from Eurshway we went to Taichung where we were blessed to see the adult session of Saturday Stake Conference with Elder Bednar. Yes, that is right I saw monkeys then an apostle. I feel like one lucky girl. Here are some pics from the weekend:

After Sundays session of Stake Conference, everybody went outside of the church building to talk. Elder Bednar was in the church having meetings, but Sister Bednar and the mission presidents wife Sister Hurr were outside talking to the people. Surprisingly enough, not that many people were in attendance for Stake Conference with an apostle. I mean, the chapel was full and there were seats in the back, but it wasn't like Utah where there is a stadium or something reserved. Anyway, after the meeting I went outside and Sister Bednar and Sister Hurr actually came up to us and our group and sister Bednar wondered why there were so many of us in the stake. It was really fun to talk to her about things like teaching, how I went to BYU-I, how I was at a lunchin with her and Elder Bednar when the dedicated the Ricks building at BYU-I. The women of the church are amazing people. Sister Hurr and Sister Bednar wanted to take a picture with the "beautiful girls from the choir" and when Sister Hurr asked if I would be in a picture with them, I couldn't object. It was a really amazing experience. I feel very blessed.

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ArizonaOutdoors said...

Jaimie- AMAZING Opportunity! What a really beautiful experience. I am so happy for you! I love your blog!