Sunday, May 1, 2011

Done and Done

I was ready to sit down last week and write this big long "school is finished and I am a grown up now" post, but then I told myself that I couldn't blog until I cleaned my room. And then it took me like a week to get the gumption to clean it (am I divulging to much about my cleaning habits? probably). Anyway, this sorta resulted in the fire dying about the school thing. But with that being said, I am done. Finally done. Yep yep yep, I'm a grown up now.

So what does all of this mean? It's SUMMER! Oh. My. Heck. I'm excited! My Summer plans?

Asian week in Utah (I'll explain later)
Asian week again
A little Boston for a couple of weeks
A little Montana for the 4th of July
Apartment hunting in Riverton (leaving Utah Valley and crossing my fingers that SLC will be better?)
Lots and lots of lesson planning

And what am I reading? Well, this.

So far my Summer list consists of A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations both by my man Charles Dickens, A little Leaves of Grass (one can never get to much Walt), My Antonia (maybe this will be the year I actually finish it?), and last but not least, the oh so famous Gilead. I also plan to read The Outsiders soon because that is the first unit I will teach as an 8th grade teacher. Gosh, I am going to be an 8th grade teacher. Wow, it still seems so surreal just typing it. But definitely a good surreal at that.

Do you have any fun Summer plans and a stack of books to read?


Tara said...

saw your comment on my blog ( back now my towel quilt wasn't too bad.. i just don't recommend qulting the layers together on a sewing maching.. makeing a quilt top with squares of towels is the easy part... and if you keep it small even easier..the quilt i made was larger than Queen size so my small archaic machine had problems quilting it.. but really.. go for it.. my towel quilt is the best beach blanket ever.. super warm and absorbent .

Erin Shaw said...

Jaimie! Congrats all everything you are doing or have done! :) Being an 8th Grade teacher sounds like it will be fun! An English teacher? :) I remember loving The Outsiders book! :) Good stuff! Have fun and I look forward to reading about your fun summer and school year next year! :)

HettyA said...

That's so exciting for you! YAY! :) Congrats again! When are you going to mexico? We leave in 2 days! I'm so excited, then a bunch of trips to vegas and washington and camping. This summer is just going to be a blast isn't it?!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Nice. Gosh, I feel bad...I only read cheesy trashy chick lit :D