Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I hablo Spanish?

Hello bloggie buddies!
Guess what? I'm in Mexico!!! The pictures probably won't come in until I get home next week though. The pictures will also be few as I forgot the battery charger for my camera. That's ok, it's not like i am a good photographer anyway.
So far while being in Mexico, I have found that 9th grade Spanish was actually somewhat beneficial. I was able to ask what my cab drivers name was, if he lived in Mazatlan, and tell him that he was a good driver.
Another big Spanish help was watching Wonder Pets this morning on Nick Jr. in Espanol. From this I learned how to say -

I like the penguin
I planted the cactus
and Teamwork

My goal is to find a little shop and ask if they have a penguin for sale and tell them that I like the penguin all in Spanish. Maybe I will come home with some cool glass figurine now? I'm crossing my fingers.



Ania Alonso said...

I am Spanish!! :D
Un beso grande for you!!!

Amber said...

Ahhh!! You're so lucky!! I wish I was in mexico! I bet the weather is just lovely.