Sunday, May 22, 2011

Me gusta los pinguino

Remember how I watched Dora the Explorer one morning in Mexico? And remember how Dora taught me how to say, "I like the penguin" in Spanish? Well guess what, later that night my friends were ecstatic when they found me these little suckers at the market -
Yep, that's right. Penguin cupcakes. I told the cashier "me gusta los pinguinios" as I bought them and she laughed and nodded. Basically what this means is that she understood me. One star for awesomeness right there please. And get this, the next day I went to the zoo and asked if they had any penguins at the gift store by saying, "donde esta los pinguinios?" The cashier answered in the negative and said "no tengo pinguinos."

I think this means I am bilingual now. Thank you Dora.

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Pete and Kimmy said...

haha! i am so glad that you're brave enough to talk! i get scared, sometimes. way to use your espanol!