Thursday, March 3, 2011

Legit is the new Cool

I came across this little word over the Summer on a rafting trip when some guy told me,

"Your kayaking down that rapid was way legit!"

And of course I just smiled at him like, "oh yeah, I use legit in my everyday vocab as well" sort of smile. You know what I mean by that? Like when somebody says something to you and you don't have a clue what they are saying but just agree to avoid looking dumb? Yeah, that was how I responded when he said legit.

So as time progressed I heard the word pop up here and there, but then last week I did some observations at Lehi high and I probably heard it 7-10 times that day from the high school students. That is when I knew that I had to inform all of the people my age (aka out of high school and the trend setting era) that legit is the new cool.

I will put this into context for you a little bit better with some visuals (because we all love pictures, right?). So here you go:

That chocolate milk is legit.

Dude, the angry cat with the melon helmet is wicked legit.

And last -

That guy with the ninja sign is legit.

Now this one might be confusing because one might question how a man saying his father was killed by ninjas could be legit. But you have to think about legit as cool, not as legit. Get it? Good. My prediction is that within 3 years, everybody will be saying legit. I figure you guys might as well have a heads up about it :)

Good job blog class, todays lesson has been way legit.

LOVES and smiles yo!


Tiff, Ry, and Jayden said...

Dude Jaimie... this blog post is totally legit. Im a cool mom now. SCORE!

Ashley Baugh said...

Umm, bloggy buddy....I totally knew legit was WAY LEGIT like a million seconds ago. Where have you been? really are freakin legit.

Cecily R said...

I think I will try using it at dinner tonight with my 13 year old. Think he'll think I'm super legit? No, I didn't think so either, but it's worth a try. :)

BTW, the angry cat picture made me laugh WAY more than it should have.

Oh, and. I'm here from the Utah Bloggers page. Super legit.

Cecily R said...

The cat picture is still making me laugh. There's something wrong with me. Clearly.