Friday, March 25, 2011

Konichiwa and Sushi

I made sushi on a date with a new boy. See -
Yes, I stepped out on my homework boyfriend for a night to go on a date with a boy I met last Sunday. I always get so nervous going on dates with new men. Nervous enough that I asked my friend Matt, "Matt, will you just marry me so that I can stop going on first dates?" I don't know how he could refuse a proposal like that. The boy doesn't know what he's missin! Anyway, I had legit reasons to be a little freaked out on this date. When I was telling Matt about it, he asked me what his name was. Of course I didn't realize the significance of his name James Ray but Matt pointed this out to me. To make matters worse, on the date James Ray talked about going camping at Death Valley sometime. Like I want to go camping at Death Valley with James Ray? Yeah right!

Ok but in all honesty any guy who teachers me how to make sushi is at least worth a second date. I think. Well, we shall see as tomorrow is the Hare Krishna Color Festival and he is coming along. I have to say one thing though, the boy met me on Sunday, texted me on Monday, asked me out for Tuesday, wanted to go on a date on Thursday and another on Friday. A little obsessive? I think so. But don't worry, I'll post pictures after the color festival so that you can tell me what you think. So thanks in advance for that one blog friends ;)

And finally the last topic of discussion. I am meeting up with some Utah bloggers tomorrow morning just for the fun of it. And I have to say that I am so so so excited! It's not like I have a big cool blog or anything that makes me official enough to meet up with fellow bloggers, but I do love blogging. Woot woot!

Loves for bloggers and sushi.


HettyA said...

MMM come make us some sushi :) hhaa

jaimie said...

k so Heather, here's the deal. We are making sushi and then going to Africa to eat Ethiopian food for your birthday still. Got it? K, good :) he he.