Thursday, January 20, 2011

Breaking Nasty Habits

I admit it, I am a nail biter. I've pretty much always been a nail bitter. I remember being little and my mom taking me to the doctor and he promised me that if I stopped biting my nails, I would get to pick out a present. Well, at age 23 I finally got to do that. After many fake nails, manicures, and tons of money down the drain, I have pretty much kicked the habit of nail biting. Except that I always have to have polish of some sort on my nails because once its off, I become a nail biter again. This means:

Nasty. Habit. Broken. YAY!!! :)

The finger nail polish for this week is purple on the bottom with a big Z of green on top. The nice thing about having to always apply polish is that I get the chance to have creative nails :)

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