Wednesday, December 22, 2010

That Time I Hung Out With Mitt Romney (and thanks Lauren)

Sometimes I get to shmooze with cool people like Mitt and Anne Romney because of the nanny job.

This month, my nanny family and I sat by Brother Romney at church and I was pleasantly pleased to hear him bear his testimony about Christ. He got up and told a story about how he and Anne were in the kitchen the saturday before when somebody sent him a link called "Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus." This same link here:

Mitt said as he sat and watched this on his iPad in his kitchen, he started to get teary eyed. Anne wondered what he was blubbering about and he told her to come watch. When she did, she started to cry as well. Mitt explained how touching it was to see normal day to day people being exposed to and stopping and thinking about Christ. He said that Christ is the reason for all good that happens on the earth and how important it is that we remember him.

I was very touched and pleased to see this testimony of Christ come through brother Romney, a man who is very often in the public eye. After this, I say three cheers for Mitt Romney, hip hip horray, hip hip horray, hip hip - ok you know what i mean.

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