Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sleeping to the Sound of Breaking Ocean Waves

My first experience with my nanny family was in California. The start of my employment with them began with a dinner eating steak outside and watching the sunset on the ocean. This is that same view:
I have this picture because over the weekend, I revisited California for the first time since I quit my nanny job. It was so nice to sit and reflect on all of the things that I have done over the last year and think about how I have grown. As a few of you might now, going back to California with them presented me with a lot of anxiety. It was a big relief to face some of the fears that I had previously had. In the end, I found myself having a delightful time. Nothing makes me happier than being by the sea. On a walk to the beach, I commented, "I can smell the ocean." My little girls grandpa made the rebuttal "yeah, it stinks. Smells like seaweed." I smiled and said "I'll take it." And then heard the response, "It's good to have you back Jaimie." It's fun to have worked so closely with a family and develop a love for them similar to that of my own. They are good, good people.
On this trip, I stayed in this room:
I show you this picture because my nanny kid came in and said to me:

"This is the room that uncle A uses. He sleeps naked you know"


Despite knowing that I was sleeping in uncle A's bed that he sleeps naked in, I had a wonderful time in California. Nothing does the soul good like getting some vitamin D in the midst of all of the winter drudge. I'm glad I had the courage to go on this trip; it was well worth it.

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Shannon said...

Mmm... Vitamin D in the middle of winter. YES! That does sound heavenly.

I'm glad this trip turned out nice, and you were able to enjoy yourself. (The beach is pretty awesome, eh?)

Oh, and the "word verification" I have to post this? Blesseed. Yes, I believe you are very Blesseed!