Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nanny Time, the California Chapter

A day nannying consists of -
1. A beautiful La Jolla jog around the cove to see the sea lions at 7 am followed by a quick bath in this beauty:
My favorite feature of this tub is the fact that it has little balls for the feet. I always wanted to take a bath in a tub like that because its such a classic style and here I get to do it every stinking day. Love love love La Jolla.
2 - Next I get the kiddos dressed and we play games, all sorts (name that movie and I'll give you a dollar). Here is an example of My style of games - bed forts :)
Inside this jumbled mess are 3 kids pretending to be kitties. I love those little kiddos.

3 - after playing around, we eat lunch and sometimes i give them a little taste of Hogan Doss triple chocolate chunk ice cream if they are good. After lunch, the baby takes a nap and the older kids go off with their other nanny. This is some time for me to sit around and soak up some vitamin D while reading my favorite author, Charles Dickens.

4 - After that, I look out the window and see a whole pod of dolphins swimming. Here is the view.
5 - When the baby wakes up, its time for a Disney movie. Today it was Cinderella. You know what? Cinderella might be my second favorite after The Little Mermaid. But Tangled was really good too so who knows.
6 - The kiddos come home and we all do some bike riding while the chef makes dinner. On the menu is chicken casadias and the most amazing lentil soup I have ever tasted.
7 - Once dinner is over, it is bed time. And blog time. Today was a GREAT day and I can't wait for tomorrow :)

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HettyA said...

Sounds like a really good day :)