Saturday, August 29, 2009

LIfestyles of the Rich and Famous

Today I took my child to swim at the Grand Hotel Quisiana ( This is the same place that I went with the bosses and Mrs R yesterday. It was a little different my second time around - I actually paid attention to what was happening around me due to the fact that it was just me and the kid. The people that were swimming there were all stuck up, rich, had perfect bodies, and were annoyed at the fact that there were children anywhere close around - apparently this is a famous/prestigious hotel in Italy. After my bosses left, the kid and I went for a swim and as we were swimming, I was told that I couldn't be in the pool with a child because it was "quiet hour" from 2-5. I looked around and all the rich people and celebs were rolling their eyes and smirking at me as I grabbed the kid and headed over to the restaurant to eat lunch instead. Memo to self - what a horrid place to take kids! Next memo to self - never have any desires to become like the guests at the Grand Hotel Quisiana, its just not worth it.

In other recent events, we took a cruise around the island today. Here is my favorite picture from the day. Ciao

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