Friday, August 28, 2009

Capri at Night - and other adventures

Today has been quite the day of days. I woke up to the news that Ann R was arriving this afternoon and didn't quite know what to expect. I went with the family to a nice hotel because they wanted to swim in the cool pool. After playing around for a while, we were greeted by Ann who ate lunch with us at an Italian restaurant. Unfortunately my first Italian pizza was experienced under the most stressful of situations where I had to make small talk with the bosses and Ann R. After finishing a successful lunch (due to the fact that my child was asleep), we went window shopping and talked about clothing (of course stuff I could never even look at the price tag of) along with literature, taiwan, politics, and different life things. After scary and successful conversation, my child and I were treated to a heavenly gelato and I choose a flavor that everybody decided to want to try. My gelato was such a hit that we all shared it.

Below are some pictures of my dinner plate because with nannying and such - I got my own setup from the yacht staff for dinner tonight. Because it was just for me, I decided to take a picture because I could and because the staff is so awesome I feel comfortable enough to tell them how crazy it is that I get such special treatment. But basically if I wasn't with who I was with, I would be snapping pictures of all of my meals and my dinner party.

Capri at night -

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