Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life is Great

Well I'm sick, tired, and ready to fall asleep in two seconds but I thought I would do a quick blog. Today my child and I finally had some time alone to ourselves for the first time since being here in Italy so we decided to go to the shops where she bought a toy, a game, candy, gelato, ate lunch, and got to pet the cats for a good while. No wonder I am such a great nanny. It was actually quite enjoyable to get her away from so much activity because she is so bombarded with people that she doesn't have a chance to just be a 4 year old and the result of this is some not so good behavior. I like when I can get her away and let her mellow out a little bit and just act her age. It puts everybody in a much better mood - her and those around her. Anyway, here is a picture of where we went today. Not such a bad place, huh!


Becky's Blog said...

I love your pictures. Sounds like things are going pretty good your way. Italy....I still can't believe it. Italy makes Boston sound like small fry. (but you should still come and see me)

jaimie said...

Thanks Becky. I think that I do need to come out East too. I have some skymiles racked up now after flying to Italy so maybe it could be a cheaper flight to Boston. I didn't know that you had a blog. It's nice to see these things up about my family.