Thursday, January 15, 2009

Out and About

Do you remember watching the "King and I" when it showed the picture of Siam on the world map and how it was really big and terribly inaccurate to the truth? Well, I came across that same situation the other day at Costco.
Dane, Joseph, and I went hiking a couple days ago with the secretary Gloria. It was a lot of fun and she is really nice. Gloria books reservations for us to go to different places and makes travel arrangements for us. She is really a sweet lady. Here is a picture of Dane, Gloria, and I when we were hiking.The place where we went hiking was really scenic with a lot of different tropical flowers and fruit. The most exciting part is that at the top of the mountain, they have a spot where there are a lot of different hula-hoops. I guess in Taiwan, they think it will help your digestion if you hula-hoop. I thought I might be better at it if the hula-hoop was bigger, but I was really bad regardless.


Chris and Steph said...

Yay for getting out in your new environment! I love it!

For the record, you're a fantastic hoola-hooper! I've seen you in action!

Love you!

Stew said...

And check out the size of Mexico.

Julie said...

Can you hoola-hoop as good as your mother? Sounds like you r having fun. Keep it up. I enjoyed your students blog, it's alot of fun. Miss ya and love ya!