Saturday, February 5, 2011

i write poems on my saturday mornings

I saw the best friend of a guy that I might have dated before I went to Taiwan at a party last night. I say might have dated because looking back, he probably thought we were dating and I just thought he was my really good friend. I have a tendency to think that I am just friends with guys and then one day they kiss me and I'm like, whoa, what just happened there? It's annoying. And actually, this awkward kissing experience happened with a different guy but it sort of helps me put other dating experiences into context a little bit better. Anyway, seeing this one guys best friend made me have some emotions and memories about him that I didn't even know existed within me.

I wrote a poem about it so that maybe at least I could organize my thoughts in some form. And publish them so that they are complete. Its like throwing something in the trash once you publish. Because then its finalized, it is what it is, and life goes on once again. And now my poem:

A Poem to Articulate Something?

Here I sit.

But is here where I should sit.

Or ought it be over there

I used to sit discontent,

playing musical chairs to find the best fit

But now I look back and think,

twas my seat so comfortless there?

I see those who sit content

in the seats that I had rejected

and now I reflect

And to Kelsy, thank you for the fun memories of walks to the gas station to get sodas in the middle of the night, putting together 5000 piece puzzles of Jesus, craft nights with Jessica, dance dance vinyl monkey, rock band until 6 in the morning, boating trips, going to Jazz games, hanging up mirrors for me from Ikea, movies up the canyon, Italian food in Provo, etc. I'm happy that you are going to law school back east and making something with those brains of yours. And also that you have a beautiful new girlfriend that you seem to be madly in love with.

And despite the reflective post, I really am happy things happen the way they do. I think.

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