Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dating Advice from my Dentist

The other day I broke my tooth while flossing. Yes that's right, I was doing something that was supposed to prevent damage and what happens instead? I break part of my tooth. Great... Anyway I finally got in to see my dentist (female mind you) and sat on the stupid chair with my head back and mouth wide open as the conversation turns to my love life. It goes something like this:

Dentist - So how old are you?
Me - 24 (of course my comments are all said with her hand in my mouth)
Dentist - Really? And you aren't married?
Me awkwardly - No
Dentist - Wow, I got married when I was 18
Me - cool
Dentist- So you aren't dating anybody?
Me - Uh, no
Dentist - You know, I hear that a lot of people are online dating now in days. Maybe you should check out something like eHarmony sometime.
Me - maybe

And then the conversation got awkwardly quiet after that.

All I have to say is that she was pretty lucky that her hand was in my mouth or else she would have heard a lot more then "maybe" at the end. Because seriously, how annoying people. Just because I live in Utah doesn't mean I have to get married right out of high school.


And because I am trying to liven my blog up a little I decided to provide you a picture of dental floss. Because I ultimately place all of the blame for this mishap on it.
The End


Tiff said...

For real, she said that? That would drive me nuts too! 24 is not even that old to not be married. People under 24 and married are the weird ones.

Stephanie Salmon said...

What an idiot dentist. Number one. Change dentists! It already sucks enough to go to the dentist (one of my biggest fears) let alone have a dentist who says stupid things like that. Number two. I got married when I was 24 and I still felt like I was too young (and probably was) to get married. I love you and I think you're awesome and so is your blog by the way, so hopefully you don't let the stupid things people say to you bug you. When you do get married, stupid people are going to start asking when you're going to have kids, then when you get pregnant they'll ask when you find out what the gender is, then when you find that out, they'll ask you what you're naming it. It never stops. So just smile and let people say stupid things. :)

Tiff, Ry, and Jayden said...

LOL. I love your blog Jaimie. Im never flossing again!! Obviously since she got married at 18 she never learned social skills? ...No- I don't know. Um you better talk to me before you start online dating though. Im going to have to screen every guy.

Rachel said...

ha - what? that is crazy. and slightly maybe a little rude. 18? Dang. Well, at least she's a dentist. props to her for that. and i'm sorry about your tooth. bummer - dang that floss.

Brendon said...
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Brendon said...

Haha! I think there are people who just want to air their opinions and unsolicited advice in front of other people. I've known people who are just like your dentist. What she said was not even worth thinking about.

Brendon Spaziani