Monday, September 20, 2010

Have You Ever?!?

See this skirt?

I own this skirt, only it is in dress form. Meaning that the same fabric they (down east outfitters) use here, is what makes up my dress. So I wear my cute dress to church on Sunday only to discover during sacrament meeting that I

Put my dress on INSIDE OUT!!!

Yes that little inside seam that is usually on the inside was in fact on the outside! My first response was sheer horror. My second response was to smile at my mistake and say to my church buddy Chantel, "Hey guess what?" and after her response of the "what" face, I simply just show her my seam from my dress. It was all we could do to stifle our laughter throughout the rest of the meeting.

My question I now pose to you is, have you ever? or can you one up this?

1 comment:

HettyA said...

LOL! I've done it with shirts many times. Not a dress yet though. :)