Sunday, February 22, 2009

Taipei - part 5

Taipei 101 - The second tallest building in the world thanks to Dubai. Although the tower in Dubai isn't finished yet, so I guess Taipei 101 can still be considered the current tallest building in the world. The record that the building is officially number one with is for the faster elevator in the world. It was exciting to be at the top of the building in less the 30 seconds and feel my ears pop.

Here is a picture of the tall building from the bottom of the tall building. And a couple of blocks over. Here is a picture from the top of the building. This is me in Taipei 101 giving the generic Chinese peace symbol.
This a picture of the big ball in the center of the building that helps Taipei 101 stay standing tall. The theory behind it is that if there are earth quakes and such in the building, they have a really really heavy weight in the middle to pull the building back to the center so that it doesn't fall over.Ok, here is a picture of me at the bottom of Taipe 101. Just in case you are wondering, I am giving the peace symbol in this picture too. Just in case it looks questionable.


Stephanie said...

That is a super tall building! I'm glad you made it to the top and back alive! My goodness!

Keep the pictures coming! I miss you lots!


Kasie said...

Wow, what an amazing opportunity! I am super jealous that you have been to the tallest building! Lucky!

Anonymous said...

peace symbol? looks like something i would be doing in picture.

jaimie said...

Ha ha James, very funny. Unfortunately that is the only picture that I had at the bottom of Taipei 101. If you click on the picture and look at it closely, its obvious that I am not doing anything that you would do in a picture.