Sunday, February 1, 2009

Taipei - part 1

I took so many pictures while I was in Taipei, I decided to break them up into groups because it takes my blogger a long time to upload pictures. This first bunch is just outside of our smallish city of Feng Yuan. These are some rice fields that surround the area that we saw from the train:

To the upper left is a picture of me and my relief society president Arwyn. To the upper right is a picture of me, holly, and molly. We are probably the cutest girls in Taiwan, especially by looking at this picture. Arwyn, Holly, and Molly are all living in the same room as me. Its a lot of girls in one space, but we get along well so that is good.

The bottom right corner is a picture of me eating some spicy corn from the night market. The first bite was ok. The second bite was not as ok as the first. The third bite I started to really hate it. The fourth bite made me so that I want to puke whenver I think about spicy corn. It was not good - and people in Taiwan, they don't understand how to use spices.


Tiff, Ry, and Jayden said...

You're looking gorgeous as always. I LOVE your background!! Miss you!!

Jeanne said...

Hi Jaimie. Some advice from the nurse in the family. Always take your insurance number or card with you!!! Hey, do you want to trade with me and come live in snowville USA?

jaimie said...

Jeanne, I would like to go snowboarding - so trading with you might not be such a terrible option. As long as I don't have to work. Or do anything. Does trading with you include having to do chores and take care of kids?

Jeanne said...

Of Course chores and kids (and cooking dinners!) Snow boarding is optional only when you do not have a 3 year old around(which is NEVER).