Thursday, November 6, 2008

October was a pretty fun month. Here is some stuff that went on ...

This is a picture that I took of myself in a car one day on the way to FHE. I had fun playing with the colors and lighting :)

Halloween with the roommates. If you are wondering, I am a cowgirl... Anyway, we all look pretty awful in this picture, but I really like the colors so I put it on here anyway.

Me and my friend Kelsy at DDVM IV (in other words, his birthday party...)

Every fall, me and my friends from high school get together to eat fondue and hang out at Tiffany's. It's fun stuff! From left to right is Tiffany and her new baby Jayden, Jessica, me, and Stephi. We are missing Amy due to her being on a mission in Taiwan.


Cynthia said...

Yeah! Cute blog! I'm glad you are going to keep us updated while your gone, so we can keep you on track :-).

Stew said...

Ooo...Thanks for sharing!