Friday, March 12, 2010

The Good Old Days

I hung out with my first ever roommate this last week after not seeing her in about 4 years. I'll tell you what, man how time flies! Brittany and I were roommates at BYU-Idaho in 2005 at Royal Crest apartments in Rexburg. I started talking to Mrs Brittany Potter on facebook the other day and was pretty much shocked to learn that she and her new husband moved to Utah about a month ago. We met up in Salt Lake on Thursday and decided to just walk around and look for some restaurant and after spotting out some thai place, we talked about those good old days. That semester was the most influential and changing time of my life so I decided to write down some of the memories that I had and was reminded about after hanging out with her.

1 - Once my parents said the goodbye's, I ran right to my room and started to cry my eyes out.
2 - My roommate Jordan was a new freshman just like me. She walked into the room and was already crying and then we both started to laugh at ourselves and cry together.
3 - We met the rest of the roommates. Brittany came from Canada and along with Brittany came Adam Piper. He was pretty much our 7th roommate. He had a cupboard for food, kept some shoes and clothes in our apartment, and would brush his teeth in our sinks.
4 - none of us made friends with anybody else. We were content to just be in our apartment and hang out together.
5 - We were poor! I lived off of roman soup and learned about 101 ways to make roman more exciting.
6 - our roommate Crystal knew how to cook. We were all jealous when she would make food and hers smelled good and then she would horde it away.
7 - Every Sunday we would have Sunday dinners. I would have to call my mom about 3 times for one simple recipe like "how to make jello"
8 - None of us had a car. We would walk about a mile in the snow to wal-mart together to buy food. We would make it our Saturday activity.
9 - Big Judd's! If you have been to Rexburg, you have heard about Big Judds. We went to this burger place where the hamburgers were the size of your plate. We each ate a fourth of the burger and it was still the size of a normal portion.
10 - Brittany and I once decided to take some tweezers to Jordan's caterpillars (eyebrows) and she has never been the same since.
11 - singing with our hairbrushes to songs such as "men in black," "I love you always forever," Adams bad music, and Jordan's oldies!
12 - Going ice skating at the homemade ice skating rink at the football field.
13 - taking a carton of ice cream and putting milk in it and then gathering everyone around to eat "milk shakes" right out of the carton.
14 - pretending to play tennis at the tennis fields outside of Royal Crest
15 - walking to hogi yogi to get the cheapest thing off of the menu on Friday nights
16 - Jordan making beany weanies every single day
17 - Adam Piper hiding in my room because he knew that I would flip out at him for breaking the honor code
18 - laughing so hard we would cry. over the stupidest things. oh oh, sometimes jordan and i would just start laughing at each others laughs and then we would be up like all night just laughing
19 - Studying on the 4th floor of the library together and never getting anything done because we would just end up talking
20 - and finally, the time Brittany and I were in our apartment when it was a complete and total mess from the night before. We were both in our pajamas on a Friday night, no makeup, and pretty much looking awful. I was at one end of the room throwing something away and Brittany was at the fridge when this HOT guy walks in. He takes one look at us, then our apartment, and then walks out. We laughed forever and didn't take it personally. Although we probably should have.

Good Times BYU-Idaho. Good times. And thank you for the memories!

Brittany and Jaimie 2010

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Jessi said...

Jaimie, your blog is so cute! Isn't it fun to meet up with old roommates?! I've kept in contact with some of mine via facebook, and a couple of roommies I've remained really good friends with. I love finding the 'diamond in the rough' roommates who last forever.