Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dear Blog, I'm Sorry

Blog, I am sorry for neglecting you. See, the problem is that I have been having to much fun with real life and haven't been taking pics. Plus, its not like I have a family of my own with kids and stuff so I seriously doubt you want to see images of me opening up my Christmas presents such as my Gandolf hiking stick, knee high snowboard socks, and water bottle key chain holder (yes, all presents I got this year). But I do know that you would feel the pain if I didn't post my pics from 80's dancing at UVU last night. I love dancing like an 80's weirdo. *Sigh*

Pity that the guys that surprised me and Chantel by coming didn't dress up with us. Well kudos to them for putting forth effort and going to a dance anyway.


Jessi said...

So funny... you just texted me as I was writing you this comment. I LOVE that you got a gandolf hiking stick!!! hahaha.

J said...

OK, so if you were truly 80's your bangs would have been hair sprayed, blow dried and spiked. Come on Jaimie, you should have asked for my advice!