Friday, July 24, 2009

5k run

I ran my first race today and LOVED it. It was a 5K so only 3.11 miles - not too long. I came in at 151st place out of 400 and my time was 31:40 so about 10 minute miles (that's pretty much always my average).
It was the pioneer day run and this couple dressed up as pioneers to run it. It was funny cause he carried a Book of Mormon. I told my friend that we just had to make sure that we beat the pioneers!
This is my friend Ethan. He ran the race with me. It was fun to have a friend there, especially for my first time.
Ha ha, after the race was finished, they had an oxygen bar so I got to breath some yummy flavored oxygen. Ha ha, I found this picture online from a photographer at the race. This pic of me not paying attention looks a lot better then my other pictures! lol

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Connie said...

Jaimie, I'm so proud of you!! Did you beat those pioneers?? lol. I remember when a guy in a chicken suit beat me in the Bolder Boulder in

And yeah, Hawaii had a lot of Oxygen bars. ^_^ Those made me happy.