Friday, December 12, 2008

Family Makes Me HaPpY

I know that it's sort of lame that I am just blogging pictures lately, but heck, with the life the way it is, I feel accomplished doing this much! As many of you know, I am planning on going to Taiwan right after Christmas to teach English for six months and between training, getting visas, work, finals, and guys, life has been crazy.

Here is some stuff that has happened with our family the month of November -

First off, I would like you to all see my Mom and her amazing hula abilities.

Mom, I only put these pictures up because I love you and want everybody to see your skills!

Emily must have gotten all of her abilities from my Mom. While my niece was here, she was able to hula for 20 minutes strait! I'm jealous!

My Mom is actually not so talented when it comes to the hula hoop. These pictures are deceiving. The hula wouldn't stay up for more then 2 seconds. But I did get some great pictures while it was up!

Here is a picture of me and Jeanne's little girls. I will miss my family when in Taiwan. From left to right is Emily, Me, Abby, and Brookelyn

This is Abby! She enjoys playing with Tanner the dog tricking him to be excited to eat his own Dog food when she comes to Grandma's house. Lucky Tanner!

My niece Brooklyn. What more can I say? Ha ha, she was being silly and fun the night we were taking pictures :)

Baby McKinley was blessed at Gary and Pam's house and she is a beautiful little baby. She has such a good set of hair, I love it! I'm happy she is a part of the family.

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